How is penis enlargement plastic surgery performed?

surgical enlargement of the penis

Penis enlargement surgery is the last wish of many men. Unfortunately, most of the male population is not happy with the size of their penis. Hence the complexes, and low self-esteem, and problems in bed. The porn industry has made a huge contribution to this problem. Everywhere you look, all the actors have giant cocks, and the man sits in front of the monitor with his sheath and all that remains for him is to masturbate with envy to the giants of sex. Can the penis be enlarged surgically? Yes, but it is expensive, sometimes dangerous and sometimes completely useless. In today's article, we will talk about the penis enlargement surgeries desired by many men and about all the consequences after the manipulations.

What is penis enlargement surgery called?

Modern plastic surgery is progressing at an incredible rate. The results of penis enlargement operations are surprising for their effectiveness and positive feedback. boldly todayThere are 4 possible penis enlargement surgeries.

Each of them gives men a different effect, but they are all aimed at high volume.

  • ligamentotomyit is a modern and maximally safe manipulation to enlarge the penis. Today it is the most popular and common operation. Manipulation has many side effects, each case is individual, but the result is worth it. Unfortunately, ligamentotomy is contraindicated in men with partial or complete erectile dysfunction. As they say, if you don't, then the plastic surgeon is helpless.
  • LipofillingIt is an operation to thicken the penis. Are you a normal size but the width and diameter are like a skinny pod? Lipofilling will be useful to you. As a rule, experts recommend performing a complex operation in combination with ligamentotomy. The manipulation is good because it excludes long-term recovery and prevention, but unfortunately the effect is short-lived.

In short, there are two types of operations:

  1. Limb lengthening.
  2. Enlargement of the penis.

There is another type of operation -botulinum toxin injections.Details of this method can be found in the following article.

How is penis enlargement surgery done?

It is very difficult.Any manipulation with the genitals is an extremely dangerous operation.There are a lot of negative consequences, however, against the background of positive reviews, men do not think about it. The procedure requires the highest professionalism of the doctor. We will consider two types of operations: thickening and lengthening.

Which type is more efficient?It is impossible to speak about the effectiveness of this or that method. Ligamentotomy will help one and lipofilling will help the other. Each case is individual.

Interesting to know: Any penis enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

Now let's talk in detail about each penis enlargement method.


After an exhaustive control of the tests, taking an anamnesis and making a diagnosis, the specialists proceed to the surgical intervention.

Depending on the case, doctors can go one of two ways:

  1. Installation of a collagen matrix.
  2. The introduction of fatty tissue under the skin of the penis.
  3. Installation of gel implants (experimental method).

collagen- this is the most effective way to thicken the trunk.

We say the essence: a collagen matrix is inserted into the genital organ, it consists of two single cylinders, it has a cut in the urethra. The matrix is small, only 4 mm. Collagen activates the natural tissue growth process in the male organ.

Syringe with adipose tissue for lipofilling

The matrix is resolved for a long time, the period can be prolonged from three months to six months. Eventually, living tissue appears in place of the implanted collagen. During this period it is strictly forbidden to have sexual intercourse, in addition to a postoperative recovery of 3 months.

Introduction of adipose tissue- A certain amount of fatty particles is injected under the skin of the penis, the result of the operation is individual for everyone. Fat tissue is usually removed from the patient's own hips, abdomen, or buttocks. The biggest disadvantage of this operation is the inability to predict exactly how much fatty tissue will be able to establish itself in the body.

Interesting to know: if you managed to save 50% of the fat particles, this is already a good result.

Unfortunately, this manipulation is considered the most ineffective, since adipose tissue quickly disappears and dissolves, returning the penis to its original size. But in this case, you do not have to recover for a long time and carry out prevention.

Installation of gel implants.- Today this method is considered experimental. A gel implant is inserted under the skin, resulting in visible thickening. The advantage of this manipulation is that the implant can be removed at any time at the request of the patient without negative health consequences. The effect can be enhanced in combination with the above manipulations.


Penis enlargement is achieved by cutting the ligaments of the penis.The doctor lowers the ligament deep into the pelvic floor, fixes it to the bone or with the help of an implant. After that, the surgeon removes the inside of the penis, achieving the lengthening of the penis.

The extender will help improve the outcome of the ligamentotomy

As a rule, after lengthening, surgeons recommend correcting the result with a thickening to align the trunk and increase the effect.

An interesting fact: after lengthening manipulation, many experts recommend using an extender, which helps to double the increase by a few centimeters.

Penis enlargement with botulinum toxin

it is a mythThis is a scam that is never used in plastic surgery. This misconception arose due to the fact that many girls enlarge their lips with botulinum toxin. Tell me, why are lips allowed, but not penis? Botulinum toxin will block the transmission of nerve impulses, but the volume will not increase in any way.

No professional surgeon will agree to this manipulation.This is useless, so the introduction of botulinum toxin does not seem relevant.Do not believe the dreamers who promise the effect of botulinum toxin. Any proposal to introduce botulinum toxin is a pure divorce.

By how much can a member be enlarged through an operation?

You can talk endlessly about operations, but every man is concerned with a concrete result in centimeters. Of course, I would like to tell you about the plus sizes, but we will not lie to you, so let's be honest.

  1. Ligamentotomy will give a man an increase in shape.3cm. Together with the extender, you can achieve even more5cmProfits.
  2. Similarly, lipofilling enlarges the penis in just2cm
  3. The collagen matrix promises3-4cmand a gel implant can immediately lengthen the penis by5cm

However, it is difficult to say for sure that in practice absolutely all men achieve the same results.

Some have more, some have less. And this is normal, because each person has an individual body, a different reaction and susceptibility to drugs.

And if a man spits on prevention and refuses to wear an extender for several months, then the result cannot be expected. Therefore, each operation depends on the efforts of the patient and the competent actions of the surgeon on the operating table.

Penis enlargement surgery: before and after

To better understand what penis enlargement is, you need to look at the following photos of patients who dared to lie under a scalpel to increase their dignity.The result is impressive from the first time. We silently applaud the surgeons.

A visual result after a successful ligamentotomy and filler can be seen in the photo. Impressive, do you agree?

Penis before and after ligamentotomy and lipofilling

The following photo proves that the collagen matrix enlarges the penis to an incredible size. Rate it.

The result of installing a collagen matrix in the penis.

The surgeon who performed this operation should raise a monument. In the photo you can clearly see lipofilling and gel implantation.

Before and after lipofilling and gel implantation

Feedback after penis enlargement surgery

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the reviews of now happy men, owners of a normal penis size without complexes and flaws in their sex life.

  • "For a long time I did not dare to have an enlargement operation. From a very young age I suffered from complexes, I was constantly embarrassed to undress in front of girls and I was worried about my 12 cm, at 33 I realized it was time to go to the surgeon and wait the effect of plastic surgery. Luckily there was money. And it's a miracle! All my life I have walked with a 12 cm sheath and after a ligamentotomy I have enlarged my penis by 5 cm! Now I have a hard erection of about 17 cm and my wife is happy! "
  • "I will be brief. Because of my short man (9 cm), I have a lot of complexes and prejudices. For many years I lived without girls, even prostitutes sometimes laughed at me, but now I can put it in the mouth of any beauty without shame. I had a ligamentotomy, lipofilling and put on a gel implant. As a result, plus 7 cm in length, 3 cm in diameter! In the end, I began to undergo prophylaxis, and after the operation I did not have sexual intercourse for six months, but after a full rehabilitation, I visited my ex-girlfriend and fried her with all my heart. Now I live and enjoy my dick. "
  • "I took a risk with a collagen matrix and lipofilling to thicken. I flew to the clinic in the capital especially, and the surgeon enlarged my penis by 6 cm. My small 10 cm turned into a normal 16 cm pisyun, which is not embarrassed to show the girls Guys, I advise everyone!
  • "After I got on the operating table, my life was divided into a before and after. My whole life with a member of 11 cm is a real torment. A year ago, I had a penis enlargement, they placed a gel and the result was fixed with a ligamentotomy. As a result, + 6 cm.

    Special thanks to the doctor who advised me to use an extender.

  • "I always dreamed of having a penis enlargement. In our capital, the prices of operations are exorbitant, and only at the age of thirty could I afford to undergo surgery. At first I had lipofilling, but 3 cm was not enough, so I decided to introduce a collagen matrix and bought an extender. In short, in total, I managed to increase the penis by 7 cm. It was: 9. 5 cm, became: 16. 5 cm. I am satisfied with the result.
  • "Since I was 17 years old I thought about enlarging the penis, but these operations cannot be performed on minors, and once a girl humiliated me a lot. From that moment on, I decided to enlarge the member. My therapy was very expensive and difficult. At first nothing happened, because lipofilling did not help me. As the doctor said, the fat cell did not become boring for the tissue. They advised me to do a ligamentotomy. And in the end, I achieved an increase of + 4 cm. Now I confidently fuck girls with my 17 cm cock and enjoy life.
  • "My wife encouraged me to go under the knife. I rolled again to the last and she begged me to fix my 11 cm. In short, I spent a lot of money, but the result satisfied me and my wife. The surplus of the call ligamentotomy and lipofilling is 6. 5 cm. I plan to repeat it! "

As you can see, all the men are satisfied with the result of the operation. If you have a small penis, augmentation surgery is a real way to stop living with complexes.

how much does it cost to enlarge the penis

It is expensive, very expensive.

If you want to have surgery to increase the penis, prepare yourself in advance from $350 to $3500. Consultations, tests and other expenses are not taken into account.